Electrical Machine Maintenance Services

Daniel Gardner Electrical Contractor: Planned/Preventative/Reactive Machine Maintenance and Infrared Electrical Inspections

Machine failure is a common problem for many businesses. Some malfunctions and broken parts can be easily rectified however depending on repair costs, total downtime, and subsequent impacts on production, machine failure can have a devastating effect.

Components failing is the main cause of machine breakdowns. A maintenance programme is a crucial part of keeping your machinery and components working efficiently and maximising their lifespan.

Planned and Preventative Maintenance

It is vital for our customers to know that their premises and machinery are safe, compliant with legislation and functioning efficiently.

Our preventative maintenance services can help to reduce failures, and increase system efficiency, which could ultimately result in lower energy costs. We pride ourselves on the flexibility of the services we offer, ensuring we cause minimal disruption to your business.

Reactive Maintenance

Even with the most thorough of maintenance programmes in place, unforeseen problems can and do occur.  A prompt and effective response is essential and will ensure that the impact on your business is kept to a minimum.

Our engineers will diagnose and repair any faults. We carry many replacement parts with the aim of repairing any faults in one visit. Where more specialist replacement parts are required, we can source these for you.

Infrared Electrical Inspections

Infrared electrical inspections have revolutionised predictive and preventative maintenance inspection programs in many different industries.

An infrared inspection enables you to scan and visualise the temperature distribution of entire surfaces of electrical equipment and machinery. Because increased heating is a sign of failure, infrared is the best diagnostic tool available for finding these hot connections in the early stages of degeneration.

Many of our clients have seen substantial benefits and cost savings as a result of using this technology provided by Daniel Gardner Electrical Contractor. The extensive experience of our fully qualified and skilled electricians enables work to be carried out to the highest standard in line with site specific requirements.

Daniel Gardner Electrical Contractor’s tailored planned and reactive machine maintenance services

Electrical work on an Industrial scale requires more than an average electrician, it requires an electrical engineer. With extensive knowledge and experience of delivering tailored planned and reactive machine maintenance services to clients across Fife, Dundee, Perth and Edinburgh.

Whether it is warehouses, factories or other industrial plants, we offer a comprehensive range of specialist electrical support services including:

Our services and specialist support include:

  • Breakdown repair and one-off service visits
  • Installation and relocation of machinery
  • Retrofits
  • Machine inspection and reports including infrared electrical inspections
  • Service and maintenance contracts

When offering a maintenance programme we work closely with you to ensure that the solutions we provide are tailored to meet your current needs and future business requirements.

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